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SPORTSWEAR FIX: ASICS Gel-Respector ‘Tonal’ .

SPORTSWEAR FIX: ASICS Gel-Respector ‘Tonal’.

Originally released in 1991, the Gel Respector was somewhat overshadowed by the 90?s Gel-Lyte III and 93?s Gel-Lyte V. The observant amongst you might have noticed that should make it the Gel-Lyte IV but it’s not and there’s a good reason for that.

The “Tonal” pack comes in the form of a nice light coloured tan with contrasting white midsole and grey outsole whereas it’s darker counterpart comes in an Indian ink colourway all over, including midsole and outsole with the only contrast coming in the form of a slightly blueish grey interior and detailing on the Asics logo on the lateral side.

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